I’ll get there

I just finished college, graduating in June of 2014.  Took me seven years to get my degree, life got in the way, issues, and the problem with getting classes, etc.  Without sounding as if I’m complaining, I’d like to say it was a pain in the butt and I’m glad its over.

Now that I have some time to take care of personal matters, I will also have time to explore the many techniques I learned in college and find the one best suited to commercial production when it comes to my own personality and likes.

It’s not easy to start this at my age.  I will be 56 soon.  But you know what?  I’m there and I’m working on it, and if anyone has problems with how I’ve managed it all, they can take a walk off a short pier.  I’m not here to please the world.  I’m here to find my way as an individual.

I will do that.


About vickiesumner924

. Multi-media Artist.
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