Cement…adaptable, wonderful, lasting.

This is a work of sculpted and cast cement I did.  Its the first time I ever sculpted something like this.  I made a mold from the original clay model, then cast that mold with cement.  After casting I used stain to achieve the look of antique stone.  The meaning behind the snake in the heart is that it is tough love from the Creator that molds us into better beings.  I liked making this, and I love that it looks really good in my garden.  It hangs on the wall of my house next to my peppermint plants.  This is the area of art that I wish to go commercial with.  It’s not going to be easy, since cement is heavy, but I’m learning techniques and tricks of the trade that will enable me to create some wonderful works for anyone’s yard or garden, and I love that idea.  I did it before, I can do it again.  It’s been a long hard question of what art to make commercial.  Much of my work is relative to my personal experiences and beliefs, sometimes therapeutic, and sometimes just cos I’m having fun.  But I believe in me with this skill, to be able to create from the inspirations of nature, science, math, and more, objects that serve purpose without being pretentious or obnoxious.  I don’t want to promote ugly or angry, I want to promote life and love.  This isn’t the art for your wall in your house, unless you like cement objects in your house, this is the art that will serve the garden, the yard, and nature.  I’m looking forward to where I go with this.  DVC00041 DVC00039 DVC00038


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