Art, is it?

Well, if it takes me time, effort, meditation and it comes out something beautiful, I’m calling it art.

I have a degree in visual art, I know something beautiful when I see it.  I also know something that took a lot of work to generate or create, but that doesn’t mean it’s beautiful.  I tend towards something that is at the very least working towards beautiful.

Some of my stuff is a little dark, but most is not.  I prefer not.  My mind goes dark plenty all on it’s own, and so does my mood, but I do not see that as a reason to paint with feces, or splatter blood and gore everywhere.  Not my cup of tea.

In time I’ll be adding more works here, as I’m led to by my conscience, or inspiration.

At the present I am working on an oak dining table.  I have finished the sanding, which took several days.  I put the stain on today and wait for it to dry, then I’ll add the seal and wait for that to dry.  The goal is a nice table that I refinished for myself, for my home, for my pleasure and use.  I’ll post a pictures of the process when I’m done.

I don’t feel much inspiration towards drawing or painting these days.  I’m pretty burned out from college.  In college the demand to perform just about took all my desire for art out of me.  I don’t intend or desire to become famous, nor wealthy, but it would be nice if I could do some works that sell.

But generally speaking, the art is for me.  Nobody wants to pay an artist the value of their process to create anyway.  There seems to be a big demand for ugly and violent works, or creations that are nothing but giant replicates of dime store toys or sex toys.  Not my style, again.  So if I never make a dime, c’est la vi.

I’m no longer inspired by spiritual things, messages, meanings, or texts.  I’m not inspired by the world, as it has become a tech machine that just replicates or creates from digital photography, or casts aside the concept of real works for the bizarre, or the childish.  While I find some things inspiring, like animals, nature, and children, or even adults from cultures or the sheer beauty of some people, this too isn’t adored by the art world.

From what I learned in college, the idea of art is to do something never done before.  If that is the case, then all sketches, drawings, paintings, sculptures that are of nature, humans, animals, or the heavens are garbage.  I loathe the pretension of the art world.  And in all honesty, while I enjoy casting plastic for the fun of it,  I do not find it to be all that beautiful.  Like sculptures of dead babies, or hundreds of bananas, or fangs that protrude from the surface of fruits and vegetables….I just don’t think this to be art.

I wait.  My soul is recovering from a lot of damage from stress of college, of the world, and of human relationships.  I’ve become cynical in many ways, you could say.  I don’t see beauty out there like I did when I was younger.  The most I see out there is ugly, and why project that into the world?

So, I wait, as I said, for something divine to trigger in me and set me to create again.  If not, Oh well!  I’ll do something creative in refinishing beaten up and abused furniture, or perhaps come up with a cast design in cement.

However, everything under the Sun has already been done, so if you crave something new, some distorted version of reality, some fantastic design for another planet, you’ve come to the wrong page.

I do wish the spirit of inspiration would come upon me though.  For the sake of honoring the skills that are innate in me, and for the sake of reflecting something lovely in this dark and gloomy time.  This work is a paper mache’ cast human skull.  I then covered it with felt, and then beaded it, sewing, not mosaic.  Inside are beads, it is a rattle.  It was inspired by the Holy Spirit last year when there was some planetary alignment or something like that going on.  The point of it was that the minds of the people needed shaken up to wake up.   We’ll see how that goes, eh?  This was one tough project.  Glad I won’t be doing it again.  After all I get nagged, yelled at, or bitched at for doing things either traditionally that I am not born into the culture of, OR, for doing things non-traditionally.  OH Well!  DSCN2355 DSCN2358 DSCN2359


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