Adding some more past works

This time mosaic works on animal skulls.  There is a long story behind these works.  I was challenged by a woman I knew to try to mosaic a bird skull after she had seen my skill on three dimensional objects.  Once I achieved success with that bird skull, I progressed towards other animal skulls.  I meditated on the scripture about the valley of the dry bones, where the Creator restores all that is dead, back to life.  This same story line radiates throughout many cultures, but as I have settled to put all things under the feet of Yeshua, that is where the glory of the meaning is at.

DVC00058 DVC00059 DVC00060 DVC00061 DVC00004 (2) DVC00005 DVC00008 DVC00010 (2) DVC00011 DVC00014 fullside birdskull.jpg jay2 coyote.jpg DVC00005 bobcat.jpg DVC00001 (2) hornskull.jpg skl2 skl6


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