Metal Work – Earrings

I colored this metal when I was in college, but I never did anything with it.  Then I showed it to my daughter in law, A.J.,(you can follow her blog through my page, she is an author of children’s books) and asked her to pick the metals she liked, and then pick a shape for each painted metal, and I said I would make her earrings from them.  These are two of the pairs.  I’ve made three pair tonight, finally working in my studio, finally some inspiration after cleaning up the huge mess that was in there.

My photo of all three pairs didn’t come out great, so I’m posting the two for now.  I have another three pair to go yet, and a couple of them are going to be a challenge.  I like metal, but I do not care for soldering.  So I think, in the future, given I can get a metal roller at some point, I will continue to cut and paint metal and make earrings or perhaps other jewelry too.  But for the time being, I’m learning to use the polishing tools and refine the work to a fine polish.  It requires very close examination of the metal for flaws, to ensure a clean smooth finish and that is not always easy to manage.

There are a few very small flaws in these, but as I said they are firsts, so while I wish I was better, I will get better with practice.



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