I’ve always loved Fairies.  I’ve done drawings and paintings of them. I find them to be a nice illusion, a fun fantasy to get giddy with.  This work is about how Fairies are diverse in their cultures, and how they don’t care about skin color, but more about having fun and being silly. They play in a raspberry patch and challenge you to not be so serious about your opinion of others, and in the process get raspberry seeds, and juices all over themselves.  It’s a really large multi-media painting.  It’s got real wood bark in it, feathers than I gathered from doves and geese, then dyed.  It has hundreds of leaves I cut from fabric and hand painted.  The raspberries are all tiny little balls of paper glued together and painted.  The hair is made of different materials from dried moss to easter basket bedding.  It was a long process, and a lot of work, but much fun.  Some people freak out on this work, they see negative things in it, they see it as scary.  I feel kind of sorry for them.  DSCN0538 DSCN0539 DSCN0540 ??????????


About vickiesumner924

. Multi-media Artist.
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