The Overcomer

In the Bible, in Revelation, John informs the reader that Christ Yeshua has something to say about the churches.  He says he sees what is good, but that he always has something to question them about, that they are falling short of delivering the message, of getting the point of agape love across, and the are judged for it.  He tells the people in the churches, to overcome the failings of following churches and to tune in to a private relationship with Christ and Father for oneself.  That is how I am. I have faith, I’m a Restorationist, I believe that we all get improved in our evolution through experience and spiritual development.  The Overcomer, overcomes, and lives in communion with the Christ.  The overcomer starts their experience in the fire of purification, learning the laws of love and peace, having them written on their heart and mind.  The process is painful often, but worth the suffering to Overcome.  At the point of overcoming, the fire becomes an energy and force of truth that supports their new life. DSCN2336 DSCN2338


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