requires finesse’ to create from.  It’s as if metal is stuck up and cold-hearted.  Either you handle it with TLC, or you get sharp treatment.   I’ve been puzzling over the cutting of metal, and the filing of it for months, no! For a year at least.

I believe I am finally building a relationship with the technique.  I will avoid getting over confident as it is an element, like wood,water, and air, and therefore has consequences to foolish applications.

Ready the file,

in rested hand,

rested mind,

rested kind.

Glimmer sought,

glistening blink,

sideways shine,

dense sublime.

Gently handled,

softening form,

warming heat,

with steady beat.

From within,

design grows out,

birthing brings,


LOL!!!  😀  That was fun.  I just wrote that.

I like it.  But it’s no place to goof off.  DSCN3032


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. Multi-media Artist.
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