Metal today also

I have discovered I like jazz with metal, and therefore will probably like wine with it as well.

I let my imagination play a bit more today, being less conventional.

This is the past few days work, aside from two pairs on the table yet.  I’m going through blades, of course.  The thing about saw-blades is they are like semi precious stones, you use them even if they aren’t the best.  They of course, not being the best, don’t work so hot, but if they keep going, rather than throw it away, I’ll use it.  I break enough of them and spare the best for tight spots.

I think I did okay, I think had I used the annealing process I probably could have pulled more life from the design’s shaping.  I have to set up that area again, it’s all tucked away at the present.  But you have to heat that metal to get it to give a little.

DSCN3042 DSCN3040 DSCN3035


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