Another Self Portrait from clay

Here’s the process.  Make a self portrait of clay, make a mold of that from plaster or paris, then cast that mold in paper mache’ and create a self portrait sculpture.  I saw myself as changing from a more carnal nature to a more spiritual one.

DVC00040 DVC00002DVC00035DVC00031  DVC00040 DVC00016 DVC00017DVC00037  DVC00043 DVC00044  It’s at this point where I used a casting of my own face, surrounded it with clay shaped for fire, then made a second mold to cast paper mache from.  The hands are made from foam I shaped and taped, then cast with paper mache’.  It was a long process.  It was also cleansing, a review of my own soul.

DVC00046 - CopyDVC00042It’s DVC00045


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