oil paintings

The metal is stopped now.  I’m being blown about with the winds of change.  It appears so far I will land with acrylics again.  Painting.   So, when I get somewhere with the project to share I will.

DSCN2049 ??????????These are oils.  The black cat, “Little Girl” was a really tough challenge of love for the color black.  I love how it picks up all the hues around it and reflects them back.  The cat gave me migraines I looked so deeply into that black.  I went blind for a short time, just a few days, and then recovered.  However, being examined by the doctors, they became concerned about my optic nerve or possible other disease issues after seeing something in my eyes.

Turned out to be a benign tumor sitting on my pituitary gland, squashing it flat to a pancake shape.  Thus I have real issues with keeping balance, hormones when they do flow, and stress problems.  Regardless, I didn’t die and won’t die from it, but they did pressure releasing surgery on both of my eyes, for the extreme far sightedness I have.

So, there I was bored out of my mind unable to do much if anything because of one surgery, leading to another, and the healing of a couple months in between…so I tried a painting with one eye, that is the image of my son and grandson playing golf.  I discovered, while I did alright in general, I could not get the detail I wanted and my color mixing failed a few times.  But, without being grandiose, I did pretty good for  a one eyed woman with a marble in her head.


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