Looking outside myself.

Going to college as an artist can be very critical as an experience.  But that I believe, is due to being graded and judged.  I found myself outside, out of fear of what it means to subject yourself as a comparison to others works.

So, I’m taking chances now, since I’m not in academia any longer, and since Word Press is a bounty of artists and their works.  I’m taking the time to look you over, and absorb your skills and abilities.  I’m a perfectionist with painting and drawing and so seeing the works of others that are loose, relaxed and humorous is a real treat for me!  How much I hope to achieve the brilliance I see in others, not by copying, but by inspiration you give me.  I love all kinds of art, and I adore those works that take illustration in any media, drawing to sculpture into the fantastic, where the imagination is fueled with joy and freedom to have fun.  I hope you rub off on me!!!

Thank you!


About vickiesumner924

. Multi-media Artist.
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