For the last four days I’ve been on a beadwork bender.  People, they say, will binge eat, binge drink, well, I binge create.  These works were either created on the loom and stitched to felt then sewn to barrettes, or they were peyote stitch made, then sewn to barrettes or made into earrings.  A few of these are set back for gifts for my granddaughters.  I have to refine the peyote work when it comes to the necklaces made of seed beads, but it’s fun doing the work.  But, now that this binge is over, I really need to get back to normal life things, like chores!  Aiieee!  I make a mess when I create.  🙂

Some of these will be stock for sale, but I have yet to figure out how to put Paypal to work on my computer, and …sigh…my computer that I generally use is presently in the disassembled state as I wait on parts for repairs.  Such is the life of on line marketing!

I love the pony beads when it comes to children, but they seem to have a sort of 70’s vibe to them.  They make me think of flower children and hippies, but those days are long gone.  For the present time I’m just going to consider them bright and bold, which is sometimes a very necessary statement in one’s accessories.

?????????? ?????????? ??????????


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