Seed Bead Mosaic Small Bear Skull

This is a mosaic work.  Each bead has been placed individually with a needle and glued.  After the completed skull (aside from the jaw joint) was done, it was sealed with polyacrylic coating to keep the beads secured.  This is not an object meant for improper handling, while it can be held, and the jaw can be removed.  This is a unique, one of a kind, work of art.  It took 287 hours of labor.  The skull is from Eidness Furs out of North Idaho, it is synthetic and no animal was harmed to provide the skull.  Asking $4,000.00 which includes shipping.  If you wish to purchase insurance on the work, that will be additional to the charges.  If you have any questions or concerns prior to purchase, please email me at :, please use Bear Skull in the subject line.  

I am new to on-line selling, so bear with me if this is more complex than usual.  No pun intended.  I am presently adding Paypal to my site, I have yet to work out all the bugs.  If you are interested in buying this work and on-line functioning is not working yet, forgive me, contact me via email, and we can work out the details of sale.  If paying by check (in such a situation) the check must clear first before the item will be shipped.

DVC00061 DVC00060 DVC00059 DVC00058


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