snow lady

I’m on this art therapy thing, to try and help myself overcome depression and negative thinking.  I am not really in the holiday spirit since I’m alone, but I did want to do something on my fb page, so I looked on google images for a snow lady.  I found one, and then I thought, wait a minute, you can draw a cute snow lady yourself.  So I did.

I feel a bit insecure about my work, as if it’s not good enough, but better to do the work than NOT do the work.  At least it’s mine, and its genuine.  I’m quite frustrated though, as my eyes are not focusing as well as they once did, and my colored pencils keep breaking!! So, as I sharpen them, they break off, over and over.  It really gets old..LOL.  But I got this far, and that’s good.  Instead of not working, I did work.  And it’s kinda cute, I think.



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. Multi-media Artist.
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