Sculpey Magnets


at the present I’m limited on supply for work, and just barely getting started with creative efforts.  as I said before, I somehow keep being shut down on larger plans and allowed to do small things.  that’s fine with me!  I like the small stuff, and the faces are SO much fun! I can create anything, based on the colors of clay I have to work with.

SO, I’ll be checking second hand stores this next month after the holiday, and seeing what I can find that others have given up on in supply and save myself some money, and apply recycling to my work.  I do hope my second hand angel hooks me up with mucho goodies.

I hope you like these.  I plan on making much more product over the next year or two and build up a lot.  Then, I’ll start making the craft show circuits and see if I am able to actually make some money and open Silver Wolf Arts as a business in Boise.  Wish me luck!




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