trying out projects

I’m practicing making molds.  This one, of a sun prototype I made, is created with cornstarch, silicone caulk, some mineral spirits, color, and glycerin.  I gave up measuring and just approached as I might in the kitchen assessing my dough for baking.

It came out alright.  Yet, it was hell to create.  I made the mistake of using a bucket to mix in.  NO!!  Mix it in the open on a tray, the fumes are horrendous and will burn your nose.

Rubber gloves are a good idea.  I used latex medical type to have better sensitivity to the material.  e in a cheap plastic tupperware type container large enough to shape the mold itself around the sculpture.  It worked great.  There is a real need to ensure there are no air pockets as they will tear when stretching the mold to release the shape.

This is my first mold, I know now that I  need to get on the mixing a lot faster and use folding.  Its not as easy for larger things.  My prototype is about four inches wide and two deep.  The dough was thick, so I tore it in parts and worked them down around the edges while the material was yet pliable.  I trust the next attempt will be more confident.






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