Yay! Creativity…

I was at the Dollar store and found some adult color books, so I bought a few, came home and looked through them and was inspired by a page that was only a portion of a circle or mandala.

So I scanned the image to my computer, then made four exta and cut them on the paper cutter (nice and even) and fitted them best possible together.  They don’t match perfect as the artist drew imperfectly, but that doesn’t matter, because I never truly follow another’s work anyway.

Next I pinned it to a large piece of felt (it was an NDN woman that told me to use paper design between the beads and the fabric), then backed that up with non-stretch cotton fabric that is very easy to sew through and smooth surfaced not to snag like felt does.

Now, I’m sewing the beads on and its enjoyable.  Finally I found something to create!  I will matte and frame it when it’s done and have it look splendid.  Then I’ll probably put a price of around a hundred bucks on it for supply and time.  I could charge more, but I would rather make SOME money than have a piece of art that won’t sell.

At some point, because I am not sunlight tolerant, I’ll rent a booth at an indoor arts and crafts show and see how selling things goes.  (Wish me luck).  I’ll be reducing my skull prices (see beaded bear skull and others) too, when I do this.  Time to sell, I owe on car repairs and I want to pay them off!  LOL!

Here it is so far, I’ll post more as I get more done.

Finally, a break-through!  I’m on the right track again.




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