Beading Progress

Beading takes a long time, especially on larger projects.  This one is going quicker than normal, but that’s because I have more time to do the work while I heal from nerve damage in my spine.  Trust me, I’d rather be riding my bike, but that’s just not working for me at this present time.

Anyway, I’m getting there with this, and I’m pleased to say I’ve had many nice compliments on the work!  That always makes me feel good.  This will go in a shadow box when it’s done.  I’m going to take it to a ‘dream catcher’ type, or a ‘shield’ type of art work that depicts my study of the Laws of the Creator as found in the book of Deuteronomy in the Holy Bible.  The laws are essential to maturity of spirit and development of harmony with the troubles of life.  We all want a perfect world, but it always starts in our own inner ability to judge rightly, not self-righteously.  So I study reading and then I study listening to the teacher I study under (, and I meditate upon what I learn while I bead.

SO this work is for me, for my home.  I had thought to sell it originally, but it reminds me, as the blue tassles on the Jewish attire are meant to, to keep my mind and heart on the laws and not run after my carnal desires.  Carnal desire has been my life downfall, but not anymore, I’m changing and maturing and thankful for it.  I’m looking forward also, to seeing how the changes in me show in my creations.

For now, it’s beading, but I’m also doing some fun art with my grandchildren.  I’m looking forward to more complex works with my oldest grandson, Mason.  He is very curious about metal, and I’ve been inspired to create a couple metal works, but not just yet.  Luckily, we have plenty of time.



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