beading, …yet?


It likely sounds like a cop out, as I am accused of copping out because I’m not able to KEEP a job because of my physiological limitations.  I have a few issues that are quite the pain in the derriere, preventing one-hundred percent ‘give and go’.  I operate at about seventy-five percent with a high functioning understanding, but with poor verbal communication skills.

People freak me out.  They all have their own problems and personalities, and while they are complex, so am I, and the mix is not soluble. Like oil and water, a blotchy experience.

So, some of my works are long in  creation.  I suppose if my creation was twenty feet tall and made of metal and sold for sixty-thousand dollars, THEN it would be worth the while? To the people in Babylon, the Egyptians, oh yes.  Yes, YOU, (pointed finger in your face)must make something worth IMMEDIATE gratification and monetary value.  That’s why there is industry, and rain forest destruction, and huge landfills, and oil in the rivers. BIG BUCKS or your a bum.

Well, I’m not out there going for it.  I’m quietly going for it, in my space, where I like it and feel safe.  I’m healing, and changing, and learning that i live a good life.  I don’t NEED STUFF to feel I’m measuring up.

I got my share of affliction and I could list a long problem list of when and how and why and all the analysis that goes with it.

But understand this, I make art, because my soul needs to do it.  I need to love something, and everyone, and the only way I can do that is through art, because I am set apart from the norm.

Yeah, I’m beading.  its a big small project.  Then comes framing, and do I buy one, or make one? What of matting?

I believe the title of this sewing bead-work project will be :  Coat of Many Colors.

And if its a waste of life in your opinion to be me, then don’t.






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. Multi-media Artist.
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