Where its at.

Tis a long process.  But I am finally gaining some ground.  I’ve had to break some beads and release some tension in the sewing, which tells me I try too hard.  LOL.  There’s a little art therapy.  you’re too tense, woman. loosen up.   My kids think I need to mingle, but I’ve never been good at mingling.  I was an unsocialized puppy.  More of a wolf pup than domestic.  Anyway, there is foundation and structure lesson in a mandala.  Mine is “Coat of Many Colors”, as Joseph is a type of character, even in his captivity he was a just person and experienced authority.  I’d like that character in myself.

In fact, as I gaze upon the core, I may have to repair some imbalance therein.



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. Multi-media Artist.
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