Scroll Saw +

how exciting…at least to me.  I’m using scrap wood from a desk I took apart, so it’s not the best wood, but when you are just starting out, it’s good for practice.  This first work is for me, for my studio, “Silver Wolf Studio”.

I’m still working the beadwork until I get it finished too, but this is more effort and is actually helping me work out my upper body with all the sanding.  I am using a dremel for drilling and some sanding, but the tiny place and the surfaces require hand sanding.

Next I’ll be using wood burning tools to make design in the wood, then I’ll finish it with a nice stain, and seal it with either an acrylic seal or minwax.  I’m thinking I’ll go with the wax, because I want to skip the fossil fuel footprint if possible.   I know we live in the age of fossil fuels, but I’ve been watching the carelessness of oil corporations destroy water and life… and the smaller my footprint the better.

Although…I have to wonder…because the machines I use, the tools, they are products of fossil fuels as well…  tough call.  No guilt, right?  I use one tank of gas per month.  It takes me two to three weeks to fill my trash can and a month to fill my recycle.  Still…

Considering I’m poor white trash…I’m doing the best I can.  Well, lets make that educated poor white trash, with disability when it comes to social interactions.  The perfect artist material.  That’s the other thing.  I don’t want to make big expensive things.  I can paint portraits, but nobody can afford them, and I want to make art that joe average citizen can afford.  OR something some kid with allowance saved up might get for his mom or dad.  Something nice, handsome or lovely, well made, and with a good loving vibe on it…


the last image, is Grace, my cat, cos she’s just awesome sweet.

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