since the election there has been a huge wave of hate and violence threats against all minorities, women, blacks, gays, etc.

i fall into one of those categories

today, facebook glitched me as one of the dead with the memorial thing, and i took it seriously

i tend to take death threats seriously

that being the case

i’m not going to post here for a long time, until i feel secure that i’m not putting myself or others in harms way because of my particular voice in the world, my faith, my sex, or my creative expressions

i’ll keep the page, but when i am ready to come back, if I am ever ready to do that, I have no idea if it will be here.

i will be dropping from the internet as completely as possible until I know and feell that i and my loved ones are secure

please take care out there, its ugly


V. Sumner



About vickiesumner924

. Multi-media Artist.
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