Ba. Da. Boom.

Right now, I’m not ‘on top’ of what I should know about WP, or this blog, or art, or anything for that matter.

I have cancer.  In my head.  All around my pituitary gland.  I didn’t stop it.  I didn’t prevent it.  I just have the gene for it.  So…under stress that I should not have been forced to live under…it manifested.  BUT…i’ve nobody to blame but myself, because I allowed the stress.

This is the part where I KNEW I should have taken my life years ago…But…I didn’t …and if I had I would never have seen Mason and Sophie.  I would not have seen those beautiful souls.

I would not have known the really good man my son, Ian, is.  And he is really a good guy.

And his bride, AJ.  She is an awesome woman too.  They are both great parents.

And messy…and I have f’in cancer in my glands…


SO who the heck knows on art? or prose? or whatever….I have to wrap my head around being alone, (yet not entirely), having no intimate love, (unless it is with God), and accepting the work of caring for myself in a comforting loving nature….which is news to me.

I guess, all I can say is….hang in there…cos at some point there WILL be art ….therapeutic no doubt.

Fuck em if they don’t like me. Whomever they are.  I’m done trying to please.

I please myself.

Thanks for following…followers.  You give me a sort of hope for what appears to be a bleak road ahead….but you NEVER know…

and maybe some dark shadows are about to lift

and some light is going to shine

and some shit is going to turn into compost to feed ONE TOUGH TREE





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. Multi-media Artist.
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