Final L.L.Wreath

Here it is.  Completed.  Not on the mourning wall yet, but finished.  I am pleased with it.  I am pleased that its combustible too.  I know one day it will be completely gone, up in flames with a prayer of gratefulness for the experience, lessons, and overcoming. But for now, if feelings or memories come up, I can look at it and feel healthy knowing the evidence is on the outside in a work of art with the feelings no longer taking control of my thoughts or lifedscn3658

one of the things I love about the Spirit of love, is that when it communes with you, you have experiences of synchronicity.  For instance I did not plan for 13 roses, they just happened that way, and the left over material was just enough to produce the buds.  And the black jute was material I had left over from other projects, as was the black satin ribbon.  Both of which were exactly enough to do the job of going completely around the vine wreath.  I didn’t plan for there to be 13 messages of mourning of my lost life, they just came out of my soul as they were felt and expressed.

I feel that the history of my past is completed.  I have some work on maturity to do, and then steps into the new life that waits.  What that will be, I’m not sure.  But I do know, there is a painting that wants to come out of my soul, and once the time is right, it will emerge.



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