Reality check

I’m an advocate for love.  I dig the light.  Light shines on the darkness and exposes it. Love heals.

Spirit though, is not always light and love.  AND I’m friggin tired of these new age guru healers that spout that its all light and love and spirit is all light and love and the rest is ego.  They have never dealt with real pain, or they are in denial.

The last ‘new age” healer I knew spouted that she could smoke crack and still heal others because the light and love overcame the power of the spirit of the dope.  RIIIIIIGGGHTTTT….

Not my tribe.  I’m not hooking up with a group of people that don’t see reality and that hide behind magical thinking.  Sorry.  I believe in the power of intention.  I know that Spirit IS intention, and I know that all intention is NOT fluffy bunnies and light.  I’m not riding a unicorn, although I might enjoy the fantasy.  I discern fantasy from reality.

Evil is part of our reality.  Its spirit is the intention of causing pain and being selfish.  You can find it anywhere and in EVERYONE.  None of us are pure, clean and perfect.  None of us and if someone tells you they are, they are lying.  If they are human, they are prone to human being, which is to have feelings and intentions of selfishness.  To admit it and overcome it is another thing entirely, that is to be REAL.  But to assume perfection and purity, you are kidding yourself buckwheat.

The painting is emerging. Its shadow work (according to new age terminology).  Its going to be sort of dark doing the work, but oh well.  Nothing new to me.

I’m not in the most light and jovial of moods. I’m learning to draw boundaries and keep them and I’m learning to call bullshit where I must when I must for my own well being.  I’m damned tired of bowing my head to the bullshit of narcissistic people just to be part of a group.  Sorry, I would be happier alone on a mountain with animals for company, they don’t lie.

I’m in chaos mode.  That’s a good thing. It means I’m using my creative soul to grow and heal, instead of hiding behind a charade of princess perfection.  I’d rather be the old woman in purple that spits on the sidewalk in honesty, that the Kelly Ann Conway version of socially acceptable.  I want to gag thinking about it.

So that’s where I’m at.  But, I have started drinking Comfrey tea, and it’s helping a great deal with the healing of the cartilage and nasal passages and bones. When they sawed off my nose and chipped away the bone?  MAN!!  That causes some trauma to the face, and you don’t just ‘hurry up and get well’…you know?  But the Comfrey is a great healing plant, and in just a few days use, I can tell I’m doing much better.

Partially plant medicine, partially spiritual medicine, partially communion with my Creator, partially psychology, partially art therapy…I’m mending my soul.  And on the path…I’m not buying into fluffy bunny b.s. either…

this is the real deal:


liberated forever!  domesticated NEVER!

I’d let the hair on my sideburns grow LONG!  But ..I’m not Jewish.  😛



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