out with the old

It’s spring…well…in twenty days; and the robins mating dance tells me that nature doesn’t give a hoot about the human calendar.


Rain of sun
as a blessing
Life is reborn with its light
spring is here
all is like this
back to the root
time of unquiet youth
in spring already.

The black earth becomes green
and the mountains and the desert,
A beautiful garden.

As the seed
brings new life
there’s in this spring, a new era.

In the air of this new universe
today there is freedom
in spring already.

The black earth becomes green
and the mountains and the desert,
A beautiful garden.

As the seed
brings new life
there’s in this spring, a new era.

The real me is growing out of the old me.  THANK YOU JESUS!  (and I don’t mean that as specific to the christian religion, as religion can dissipate for all I care)….THANK YOU LOVE!! Thank you CHRIST IN ME, MY higher self…for FINALLY growing out of the hell we were born to suffer….its almost over.  My new roots are digging deep and pushing through the shit and dirt, and my new self is growing upward towards the light where its warm and brilliant and nurturing….ahhh.

So far, out of all the “stuff” the other gave me….I have  filled three 32 gallon cans.  One of waste and two of recycle plastics etc.  My porch has a few stacks of stuff for the second hand store.

I built myself a very nice set of shelves (and ended up with needing a deep tissue massage to get the charlie-horse out of my neck and shoulders) (the price of having a horse fall on your upper body, and being genetically disposed to RA) so now all my finished and framed drawings and paintings have a place to be stacked.  So do all the blank canvas and boards.  And, so do all the drawings in the portfolios and the expensive drawing papers have a nice flat surface to lay upon for storage.  Finally!  I’ve been waiting for 10 years to get this done.

The sewing area (machine and other equipment) will have it’s own location, and supplies will be organized.

I’m excited!  Its becoming me in my space instead of all these fragments of me that were trying to satisfy other people.  All those parts of my personality, trying to be something for the other person so I would feel loved for once.  BOY HOWDY…am I done with that delusion!

The painting is yet in my my heart and mind, brewing like a fine flavorful cup o’ superb.  I will get there.

I framed a drawing I did in 1975 today.  A drawing of a lioness resting in the grass… I remember drawing it on a simple folding card table during my senior year in high school.  I’ve kept it, a small tapestry, and one pair of earrings from my teenage years, and that is all.  The rest was lost in living the life I did.

I’ll have to ponder where I want to hang it… in the meantime…Buenos Dias!  Es Primavera!!

(for me…I’m using Duolingo and learning Spanish, I always loved its passionate expression).





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