Mandala of growth

DSCN3667A year later and it’s finished.  Today, about five minutes ago.  This has been one long project.  It will be nice to have that section of my living room back to normal instead of being the center for working this art.  I can get back to space for stretches and yoga again.

Its getting closer to spring! I’m hopeful.  Supposedly it will be in the sixties this weekend.  I had hoped to see my chiropractor today, as when I attended Round Body Yoga at Curvy Girl Kate’s (ladies resale consignment clothing), it felt SO good to stretch and move, that I had hoped for alignment and freedom to move again without lumbar pain.  Alas, I woke to flu symptoms.  (Makes me want to cry).  I had hope and once again, life got in the way.  Ah well, its not forever, its just a day or two (I hope).

I’ll be back in the saddle, on the hiking trail, in active duty again soon.  The shelves are completed in the studio closet.  I’ve begun measuring plans for the chicken coop. Its a slow process.  I used to just push myself to death, to injury, really hurting myself to achieve the goals that would make others possibly happy with me.  Now?  I’m turtle mode.  Slow and steady, like a growing oak tree.

Its done!  The mandala is done and it feels good to see it hanging on my wall.  It reminds me of a lot of effort and hard work to learn and change out darkness in my soul for light.

Now, for a glass of agua, and more rest….I want to greet that sunshine and warmth fresh and recovered.



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One Response to Mandala of growth

  1. Laura says:

    This is stunning. And a great reminder that hard work pays off and brings us to something beautiful. Enjoy your rest. Laura

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