butterflies and hashtags

Its been a while.  I’ve been working on organizing as I have stated before.  It takes me a while.  I can finally breathe normal and sleep flat again, but the scar tissue feels very bizarre.  The latest MRI shows no more tumor! YAY!  I deal with eye fatigue, it crosses and hurts, but its better than going blind, eh?

So, I picked up the Hopi Survival Kit again, the Spirit speaking to me, get back to your roots before Babylon got a hold of you, before WHITE education and that toxic family tried to kill you again, get your wholesome soul back, and walk with the Creator and Earth again.  I am. The Survival kit has put a smile on my face again.  I am feeling joy again.  I didn’t know if I would ever feel joy again.

I learned a valuable lesson, let me impart some old woman wisdom to you:  DO NOT give your soul over to the planning and desires of anyone else.  You keep it.  your soul is your passion, it resides in your blood.  When your blood boils, when you are pissed off?  That is your soul telling you that something is bigtime not okay.  You have likely imprisoned it to the approval of some other being, seeking acceptance, or love, or some other position where you gave the other authority over your.  The damaged and injured soul will sometimes do ANYTHING to try to feel loved.  It will drink from a glass of polluted and contaminated water and eat poisoned apples to feel loved…you get this?   DO NOT expect or seek or hope in anyone but yourself, the Creator, and the Earth (with all her life forms animal and plant) to commune with you to bring you comfort.  If you go to Jesus, or some other form of higher self, that is the internal source of you that is part God, that is there to spiritually support your SOUL, so it learns to NOT sacrifice your body and spirit to false idols.  LOVE yourself, love your body temple, love your mind (soul and passion), love your life.  As the Hopi would assess:  have a love affair with your life, don’t try to find a love that magnificent in another human being, it will fail.

Moving on…

So here are some pictures of my current project.  I said I would get to that painting, and I will, but in the meantime I’m deadheading the garden, collecting seeds, and preparing for other things.  I am planning to be more self sufficient, grow my food, (AMEN), raise some laying hens, increase the herbs and flowers for medicines.  AND…if all goes well, I will be a regular through the summer for Tuesdays with my grandkiddos..which will be good fun.


what you see here are butterflies.  Years ago I bought myself a Hopi Butterfly Kachina while visiting loved ones in AZ.  I wanted one all my life.  I got me one.  It was stuck in the cabinet all this time.  I let it out, and found the rattle I made,  (Maasaw) (in my colors), and took all my crystal friends and family out of the box where I was told to hide them away for shame of making them idols (a self righteous christian with a killing spirit had a hold on me, may I reinforce the “do not give your soul to others” emphasis).  I came back out, and put all that love and good energy back in my life.  No more will anyone have a hold like that on me again.

Anyway  (sorry about the soapbox, passion does that)… the Butterfly spirit (kachina) is about pollination, about making things grow, making things abundant, its about rebirth, being reborn, and its about freedom.  Butterflies can fly higher than eagles!!  The Monarch butterflies do this every year in their migratory path.  Butterflies were once caterpillars, lumpy bumpy slow consumers…repeating the same old thing, day in, day out, until one day they die to the old ways by entering a cocoon, where they are transformed.  The love of the healing power of the Creator can do that to you.  It can take your self sabotage nature and shut it down in a powerful internal lesson of what hell really is, and kill the desires of the old way, to make you wake up…break out of that cocoon of learning your own truth to be the being you were MEANT to be, not the one that others, or the world want you to be.

SO, I listened to the Spirit of love.  It said paint butterflies on the garage.  I found silhouettes on google images, cut them out, made stencils from recycle plastic from notebooks, and painted them on the East and North walls of my garage.  They are beginning stage.  I will go out again in a couple days and paint the legs and antenna on them, and then again later I will add more colors.  I am using nail polish and model car enamel paints.  (They are basically the same type of paint).  So far…so good.  I love the color and all the while I was painting, I was zoomed by birds checking out what I was doing.  A crow commented to me as it flew by, “caw, caw”, letting me know it was much nicer than just that plain old institutional white that the world loves so much, and the symbols?  Much better than images of humans doing human behaviors, better than most of those.  Simple, lovely, colorful…and it feels good.

I look forward to the next stage, and the healing of my soul.



#butterflies  #healing  #artwork  #spiritual

This is my attempt at hashtags…will it work?  I dunno.  I’m trying to use the tech to my advantage, that is to do some good in this world.  I hope it works, and more, I hope it helps this world.


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