Judgment -or- how to make WISE judgments

You are going to make judgment calls.  You can say you don’t judge, and if you do, you have made a judgment that anything goes and you won’t have a beef with it.  I beg to differ.  That supreme court decision?  That winning politician?  That law against your favorite plant?  That over-generalizing of your beliefs?  That joke at the expense of another’s freedom?  ….


You judge.

So get a clue about doing it right.


This teacher, Dr. Jones, was introduced to me through that Spirit of love that my Creator sent my way to teach me about being a REAL human, while I had to live in the cocoon.  I was under the fire of the law, learning the law, and I will continue to learn the law in greater and more subtle degrees, because the law was established for the purpose of the best results in the creation.  YET, it could not be learned, nor exercised correctly without the spirit of love guiding and overseeing it.  That required the Christ to be reborn in the human, so they would be able to bring insight, love, changes, and hope to those enslaved to brutish understanding and punishing treatment of others.

If you are going to do harm to others, you set yourself up, by your own judgment, to be judged in the exact same measure and means of YOUR attitude.  That’s why getting your mind and heart right is so vital, because you WILL judge, you cannot escape it.

SO read, and learn, and look further into all the voices of the Creator, and dig into the laws, and the wisdom, and grow.  And always, no matter HOW horrible the ‘other’ person treats you, when you have to call that spade a spade, do it with love.  Because when you die, and you will die, there will be a karmic debt record of every thing you ever said, all your thoughts of injury or evil towards others that you will be held responsible for.  We are all part of the energy of light and dark, get in the light and deal and heal. Reduce the sin debts, reduce the karmic debt, reduce the waste and killing spirits ….heal.  Love to restore.  Judge to restore.

Bitterness is not cute.  It’s not funny.  Sarcasm is a form of anger and hatred.  Its not love.  And in case you hadn’t noticed, this world needs love more than anything because its experienced so much hatred over time (all from human attitudes) that it is dying from social suicide.

Love heals.  Love overcomes all things.  All you need is love.



And love too.



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