Testing Metal

Its been a rough couple of weeks.  The medicine men think I have some kind of auto-immune disease, which I might, considering facts et al.  So I tried a drug to reduce the inflammation and it did its job, I could move joints and muscles so well, but unfortunately the drug had bad side effects and I paid hard for them.  So its been a time of little actually getting done, other than learning that my body is not up to the internal abuses of drugs.  I’d rather deal with the arthritic pain and swelling than nasty side effects.

HOWEVER, good is always out there if you look for it.

My son (on the right), Ian Fuller, made his first spoon ring as a gift for his wife, AJ, for their anniversary.  He did great, and I felt great because I got to share what I learned in college and share my work bench.  I will be doing some metal works of my own after I feel more recovered.  Ian is head brewer at Payette Brewing, here in Boise, Idaho.  He’s great at his job and loves the science of it.  I think he likes metal because there is much science involved in working it artistically as well.  Plus he got to hammer, men, boys, like to hammer.  At some point, his son, Mason, will come spend a day or so with Grandma and I hope we will hammer and pin some links like chain mail.  Anyway, it was nice to have Ian be creative, while I got to hang with my grandkids.

Sophie got artistic with making an M&M’s rainbow, but otherwise we just watched Kubo and hung out.  She also drew a wonderful butterfly on my sidewalk with chalk, but the rainstorm came and washed it away before I could get a photo.   Mason made popcorn, and played games and expressed his desire to hammer metal.  LOL.

Everyone at some point wants to liberally and freely hammer some metal, just because.

I will get there soon.  I have a spoon begging for attention.  I sure hope the weather warms up.



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