Doing it.

I’ve been tending to the garden and learning how to put my sacrum, tailbone, and hip back in place with tennis balls.  Its been trying.  But, I’m learning.  Spring is always full up with projects.  I’ll be digging out a corner, placing cement blocks and killing mold in the NW corner of my home.  Then creating a chicken coop.  And of course the norm of gardening and mowing and trimming and watering..etc.

Yesterday and today it rained and snowed.  Today it snowed an actual storm, huge fat flakes, and I wasn’t going to go out in it and try to do anything.  SO, I went to the studio, and faced the equipment for metal and dove in.

I took the old spoon I found second hand (pie server), its a silver metal base, so it was easy to work with.  My son’s project was stainless steel, and trust me, that is not user friendly metal for bending.  But this old serving spoon, has turned out well!  I cut it back, and then filed and forge formed it on the little anvil.  It was much too thick, so I cut off more length.  The flat serving part, I cut in a shape that will be shaped around a crystal, for a type of bell.  But, its been so long since I actually got my hands dirty in metal that I was scared to try.

You gotta get back ON the horse, even if you broke your leg or neck when you were thrown or fell off.  Get back on.

I got on.

Check this:

I’ve been hanging on to that serving spoon for years.  Finally it got used.  Nice metal, rather dinged up, but it polished up nicely.  I like that the design is internal and external.  Its pretty large, but that’s okay, spoon rings are chunky anyway.

I’ll be keeping a look out for metal treasures again.  Next, work the other piece, then put away the equipment and get back in the garden, and then on to that painting that keeps coming up in my heart and mind.

Isn’t it funny?  How we are able to do something, but there is the jitters for getting with it?  Confidence isn’t one of my stronger characteristics.

Time to go put a nice wax finish on the ring.  🙂




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