It is what it is.

The world tells you to “question everything”.  I have done that.  I have done that to my own demise.  Instead of accepting things as they are, I have rebelled, I have challenged, I have argued, I have parlayed, I have acted in outbursts and condemned and judged.  No acceptance, just denial that the way it is, is the way it is.

All it has gotten me is deeper into loneliness and deeper into the depth of my inability to rise up and gain power.

I’m the worm on the hook.  Only I’m not flashy and pretty like a tied fly with neon colors used for experienced fishermen seeking elusive fish.  No.  I’m the worm on the hook, poked full of holes, and twisted and punctured and tied on the end of a bit of string to a stick by some poor kid in the boondocks who is trying to get something to eat from a contaminated pool of stagnant water.


I will not be excelling in this life, apparently.  At least not in my present.  Not in my past.  The future?  I cannot tell, but with my life as it is?  I won’t be much good for the future either, aside from my telling you this:

Accept what  you hate in your life.  Accept that you are poor, if you are poor.  Accept that you might be hated.  Accept that you may have sickness or disease and figure out HOW to live WITH the reality, instead of fight against it.   Because the more you fight against it, the more you will be reduced in power to manage it.

If you were meant to be wealthy and rich, you would be.  If you were meant to rule, you would be.  If you were meant to be an officer, you would be one.  If you were meant to be a model you would be one.  If you were meant to be something other than what you are, you would be it.



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