Aaiiee…Mi Dios!

Yo hablo poquito espanol.

I’m using Duolingo to learn Spanish.  I love the language.  Probably because when I was a kid living in El Paso, Texas, we had Spanish lessons in our everyday curriculum in school.  The teacher was flamboyant and beautiful.  She was dramatic and had black hair, dark eyes, and always wore rojo.  Sometimes a cape, sometimes a chaqueta , sometimes her abrigo.

SO today I earned the use of several lingots and bought myself the option to learn some Spanish idioms, and man, did I learn quickly how little I know.  HA!

But it’s fun, and its good, and hopefully at some point, I’ll be worthwhile in a conversation with someone that speaks Spanish.  It would feel good to me, to be of use to another person because I can comprehend and speak a second language.  My flesh and bones are too far gone to do labor or handle trying to live up to employment that requires the use of my body.  I can barely manage to mow my lawn and weed my garden.  The body requires extreme care, it cannot take exhaustion anymore.  But my mind is yet good, even better since the brain tumor removal, so I’m pleased to learn for the benefit of others.

I do hope I am able to put it to good use, in time.

Either way, yes or no, it is still fun.   And perhaps, while I am not much appreciated in the professional white community, I might have a chance in the splendid and rich creative ebb and flow in Mexican-American culture.  Who knows?

I’ll hope for the best and keep going.

16473944_1872898179617427_8685341919771921218_nEl oso es mi amigo.



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