Mo Metal

Went to the doc yesterday.  Chiro.  For over a week my leg had been getting worse.  Notorious pain, inability to walk, I was scared.  He and I thought it might be a blood clot from the surgery, but it was a pinched nerve.  The sacrum is just being a pain in the arse for me.  Seriously, it hurt so bad when he touched my knee, I slapped him in the arm.  Not hard, but several small slaps…indicating..HEY THAT FRIGGIN HURTS MAN.  So he adjusted me, slamming my hips back into place, and it let up like a miracle.  Seriously…the pain, the swelling, the stiffness in the muscles…in like four seconds…all relieved.  not healed or fixed, mind you, but relieved.  So now I’m on steady muscle relaxers and the new celebrex meds for the inflammation.  Damn, I would really like my body to HEAL, so I can do the stuff I need to do for this place.  I have nobody to lean on for help, so everything just piles up and falls behind.  OH WELL…

BUT…I did, was, able to get to the canvas and gesso it up, so I’m waiting on it to dry, and while in the studio, listening to NPR classical (love it), I decided to get back to the metal…and in the process called my daughterinlaw, AJ (who is an author of childrens books), to bring my granddaughter Sophie to visit me, as it was her birthday a few days ago and I made her a ring and a bracelet from spoons.  Here’s a pic.

20170421_124202They came out nice!! I’m very pleased.  She had to try them on a few times, and I had to heat up the metal and forge it to get the size right, but I feel good!  I have promised her a new spoon ring or bracelet for each birthday, if she wants one.  That will keep me making them and keep it special for us.  Boy was I WAY off on the sizing.  Kids grow so fast, my guess at the sizes was probably about three years off..  but now I have an idea.

The hen house arrived and the watering can arrived for the chicken coop.  So into storage they go until I am through the next weeks chiropractic adjustments.  If you have a spirit of love to ask the Creator to help me heal, I’d appreciate the asking for my benefit.  I sure would like to get my garden filled up and planted, and start building that coop.

Yet, today, I sort of got the impression that my Creator wants me to be more concerned about the art, than the ‘have to’ list.  I take stewardship seriously.  You don’t treat your home, land, etc., like crap.  You don’t put your tools in the dirt, you don’t let things get ruined.  You care… you take care.  So I tend to be the kind of Jane that’s all work…and forgetting that I am creative and should be doing art just as much as chores for the land.

I tend to think art is a gift, not work, (when I know better), and that I have to be a good girl and be approved of by the ‘norm’ of society and others before I am permitted to work in art.  How screwed up is my head?  I need to get busy with that dissociation study and get that masochist out of my head for good.  Guess I’ll start that this evening.  Back INWARDS I go…as I should…to heal.

I hope you are having a good time, doing what you must, but ALSO doing what you must to love yourself and for the good of your soul.  Commune with your life and love it.  I hope you are smiling, and healthy and feeling groovy.

peace.  🙂



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