For me, with love, from me.


Yeah.  🙂

Today, my Chiro informed me he sees the pattern of damage in my sacrum and nerves et all.  YES!  NOW, we can get down to business…he plans with my GP to get me in a course of PT that will strengthen my hip/tailbone area, reduce the inflammation and pain, and give me more flexibility, PLUS put me in the water for pool therapy!

YEAHHH!!!!!  I’ma gonna heal and restore.  Then…


I don’t know about you, but I can tell you this, DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.  I have been fighting this battle against evil for fifty some years….NEVER give up.  If I can find my way home, YOU can do it too.  Have faith.

oh…my inner child is pretty sure there is only ‘smiling faces’ out there, with the plan to hurt and abuse you…but in the last week, the Creator has shown me otherwise.  I have come to find out that there are MANY good souls out there that want to help others.

At the store I was short on bucks to purchase butter, and this fellow out of nowhere just bought it for me.  (Butter angel?)

At Lowes I was having a hard time loading lumber that I purchased for making that chicken coop, and a couple came and helped me strap it down for travel.

My own sons born into a history of misery have overcome the odds of being downtrodden themselves by the patterns of generations of depression and stress.

Doctors, all working like a team to HELP me, people that don’t owe me a thing, or know me personally, but are moved by their own good spirit.

And you…who encourages me by liking my page, or following me.  You give me encouragement to keep on keeping on.

Thank you.

I just gotta do it.  Like on the movie Sing, where Mr. Moon tells Meena, you have to not let fear keep you from doing the thing you love.  (I wrote that on my bench top in permanent marker last night).

I have a summer of physical therapy, cooking classes, gardening, art, journalism, and psychological healing ahead of me.  I’ll be sharing with you.




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