Recycle art – spoon rings

So, for about 25 or 50 cents I buy a spoon at a junk store, and I have material to work with in metal that isn’t costing me an arm and a leg, and if I goof it up, I don’t lose much.  I likes that.  I have some finer metal to use, but want to practice my skills for a while and feel greater confidence before I take on actual silver or gemstones.  College didn’t leave me much time for actual hands on.  I tend to be a slow worker.

These are for my grandson Hunter, and my granddaughter Liberty, and their mom Sierra.  They picked the design from the collection of spoons I spoke of on another post.  Yesterday I filed all 17 cut spoons, and made one ring.  Then today I made the other rings.   I have to forge the metal, heat it up and then hammer it.  Its good hard work, it takes some muscle power and patience too.   I enjoy the filing and sanding, its very soothing to gently and carefully give attention to creating a smooth surface.


I like the fact that with spoon rings, you are generally using or wearing stainless steel.  That means it doesn’t tarnish much, its super durable, it polishes and sands up nicely, and its lasting.  You don’t have to worry if you garden with it on, or clean fish, or do something messy.  Nicer metals and gemstones suffer under stressful wearing.  And, if the grandkids or anyone for that matter, loses the ring…its not a big deal.  Its not like its some treasured heirloom or expensive piece, its okay if it gets lost while camping, because you can find another spoon at some yardsale somewhere and I can do it again.

I hope to make up the other 13 over the next few weeks and then sell them for 15.00 each.  The work I put in them is worth it for the cost.  I am hoping I can sell them (possibly?) at a craft fair, or a consignment shop down the road.  First things first, get them made.

Aside for the metal, I’m still working the painting.

Today I saw the Chiropractor again, my sacrum went out again and I have had nerve pain again for a couple days.  I get discouraged by it.  But, he tells me to not let it get to me, that it CAN be fixed in time.  I am now in water therapy too.  I love that.  I have a nice woman physical therapist to work with named Sue.  SO, all in time, I’ll get stronger.

I’m sharing this because its just GOOD to learn:


This is excellent.  I’m one of those people that due to trauma, has a problem with knowing what is B.S. or not.  I get emotional over being duped, hurt, used, etc., so this is really helpful in knowing how to call “B.S.!!!!” and carry on with my life.  In this day and age, its important to know who is doing what, and what is smoke and mirrors or real.  I hope it helps you help yourself or someone else.

Other than that, the weather got cold and took out my watermelon and yam plants!!! That was a real bummer.  I’m hoping they recover.  I was so sure we wouldn’t have a freeze but we did.  Boo.  😦  Hopefully the sun will coax them back to growth and it will be all good.  I would love to grow my own watermelon.  My blueberry bushes are doing great though, and so are the strawberries.  My grapevine is growing wonderfully and has tiny little clusters all over it.  I’m trying to get my green thumb strong again, but in all honesty?  Its more important to heal the sacrum and nerves.

One day at a time.  Doing what you can with what you’ve got.

Peace  ❤


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