Art, generally speaking.

Vickie Sumner art is expression of the soul. the soul has a LOT to say about life. it can not always express itself safely in verbal means, often facing ridicule and oppression directly. to create a work of art that says what is being felt is to speak without fear (mostly). the work of art will say what must be said to release the expression from repression, and on the outside of the person, it will endure judgments of either good or bad, keeping the person from exposure to first hand rejections of their feelings. not all art is such, some of course is commercially created for the sake of propaganda, intending to influence the viewer to feel and react, like buying things, or feeling hate or love. mtb.

this is a FB comment I made regarding the American support for art, and Art Therapy.

It is my belief, that all people can be artists.  For some its a matter of talent, for some its a matter of manipulation of html or other media.  I’m just thankful for it, and for my ability as a human, to choose how I respond to it.

I’m not easily swayed by commercial art, having read material on the use of psychology in commercial creations.  But then, my hardwired mind is programmed to extreme sensitivity to being manipulated.



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