Spoon ring work

I made five more rings today.

I’m in a sour mood, my emotions are rattled from a verbal assault that keeps repeating in my head.  I’d love to just put it down and be over it, but it haunts me in my sleep and in my waking hours, unless I work, then I listen to music and it goes away.

So it took me about six hours to make these.  The hardest ones were the thickest metal.  Hammering them was so intense I broke a sweat.  But I think they look pretty good.  For some reason the picture shows them a gold tone, but they are actually silver toned, because they are all stainless steel.  Go figure.

I’m not happy with tech these days.  I failed using a program on my phone several times now.  I can’t seem to get the networking and my data is limited, so I’m impotent with the programs and it irritates me, and others.  If I find I can’t make this work, then I’ll just give up, because I’m tired of chasing tech.  I’ve done it long enough, over twenty years, and I’m tired of it.

I guess today…I’m just tired of a lot of things.  The news, the world, the hate, the bitterness, the impatience, the failure to accept things as they are…  There are some days when I’m really glad I am alone, because its not likely I’ll let anyone in my immediate proximity down.

My mind wants to go negative, so I think its time to get out of here…and remember I did do something decent today.  I made art.






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