Stainless Steel Rings


The most recent.  Finished yesterday, 6/4/2017.

Next project is to work with forks.  I plan on cutting the tines from the forks and making them into earrings, and cutting the handles for making more rings.

My friend Jim (he lives in the mountains) tells me to stamp my initials on my rings, but I can’t do that because the design isn’t my work.  I can’t take credit for the original artist’s design, but I can for the recycling and the forging filing, and polishing work.

The garden is doing well.  🙂  I must have thousands of grape clusters on the vine.  It’s growing like crazy.  I had to cut it back today to prevent it growing up into the tree in the yard.  Roses are blossoming, poppies, iris (yet), tiger lilly, too.  The nasturtium hasn’t blossomed yet, but its growing thicker.  Peppers are slow, but steady.  Potatoes are thick.  Peas have just begun to sprout out.  I found my first strawberry this morning.  The sage and lavender are growing well (that soaker hose is great in the herb garden).  I’m looking forward to the rain that is coming this weekend.  It will be good for the garden.  The Pin Oak is growing well too.  I’m so thankful for the plant life.  The comfrey is already in bloom and getting thicker, starting new plants.  It likes the shade of the ash tree.   At some point I’ll share some photos of the garden just cos nature rocks.

Life is good, when you keep your view on what is good.



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