Before and after


Before.  Actually they are whole pieces of silverware before, but this is what they look like when I cut them, and after I hammer them.


You’ve seen plenty of the after, prior to this post (if you’ve looked).  But these are after sanding and polishing.  This time you see some ear cuffs too.  I have five more to sand and polish and I’m going to take a moment to RANT about the ear cuffs….because…they are SO tiny, they are difficult to work with.  Hammering them is tough enough because they are usually about an inch in length, luckily heating the metal helps so much, but I couldn’t hammer them on the anvil, so I found an Awl and hammered them around that.  What a pain in the fingers!  I got my fingers several times with the mallet, and then the little darlings would spring out of my fingers into the air landing in various places while I was polishing them.  One led me to the spider hiding in the bricks I keep for propane protection.  I did not kill the spider.

Spider to me is a friend when it comes to creativity because of the totem meaning of the critter.  Spider is the master weaver, the crafty one that can weave and spin, and make beautiful webs, she is said to be a good omen for the creative, so she can just hang out in the bricks until I move them again.

I used to be deathly afraid of spiders.  I was bitten by a Brown Recluse when I was a teenager and that was hell to pay.  The little bugger hid in my bedroom closet and bit me in the night on my ankle.  The poison caused my knee and elbow on my right side to swell up the nearly the size of a soccer ball.  The doctors thought I had broken my elbow, but it was just the poison. I was lucky to catch it when I did, or I’d be dead right now and that would make making spoon rings or writing a bit more difficult.  The antidote was a large injection into my derriere with a needle about three inches long, and the healing process hurt bigtime, but its all in the past now.  But, I can tell you I did not sleep in that room for a week.  Once the room was emptied (to find the critter), I walked in thinking, okay, no spidy, I’m good.  I opened the closet door, and son of gun if the defiant little monster didn’t just dangle right there in front of me.  I quickly went to the kitchen, got a can of Raid, and sprayed nearly the whole can on it.  I was not going through that again.

Spiders in symbolism represent “manipulators”.  I used to have nightmares about spiders.  Thousands of them in the house I lived in, representing the head games I endured with a dysfunctional family.  In time through therapy and lucid dreaming (I learned to do this via Carlos Castenada’s books), I learned to put on heavy duty gloves in my dreams and smash the bastards.  Eventually, as I began to become more assertive in my speaking up about the manipulations and challenging the bullshit, the dreams reduced, the house changed, and the spiders showed no more.

Now, I only run into them in real life, and unless they could be dangerous, like black widows, recluse, hobos, or yellow sacs, I just ignore them.  But, if they are dangerous, they are toast.  Sorry, kids, but this is MY house, you can live in the garage or shed.

I have a lot of spider stories.  I’ll share a couple.

One, when I lived on the mountain:  I was nosing around in the rock garden and saw a spider sunning on the rocks, so I walked over to it.  It dodged me and went into the rocks. being nosy, I looked in on its cave and there it was staring back at me.   I tossed an ant in there to it and it did nothing.  Then I tossed a seed from a Snow In The Summer plant (ground cover) and it did nothing.  So, I went about the garden and then came back before I went up to the house again, and while I peered in at the spider, I noticed the seed was in its web.  That spider…this is the honest to God’s truth people….put its forelegs on the web, pulled back and sprang the seed at me and hit me between the eyes with it.  Serious as the sun comes up every day..  that truly happened.  Blew me away, I had no idea spiders had that kind of warfare skill.

Two, here at this house when I first moved in:  I was in the kitchen doing dishes, and a small hobo male was walking across the floor so I trapped him under a glass glass.  I was not the nicest person in the world to that spidy.  I rattled the glass and freaked him out several times, and then finally lifted the glass and stepped on him.  That night, I was laying my bed reading a book and I looked down the hallway, and RUNNING at high speed was the MRS Spidy and she was PISSED at me…she ran right up onto my bed with a mind of vengeance.  I threw the blanket over her and smashed her into it.  THAT freaked me out.  I have never tortured a spider again, and I never will again either.  I learned my lesson on that one.  There is apparently a hobo colony under the house, they come around out of the heat vents in the fall when they mate, and so I just keep an eye open and step on them immediately.  They can stay under the house and eat the plentiful bugs and leave me alone.  The female hobos are HUGE…three or more inches in size.  I had them up on the mountain too, only everything on the mountain grows much larger (food, mushrooms, etc), and they would get to be five to seven inches in size.  YIKES.

Three, on the farm:  When I was a kid we lived on a farm. We kept a few rows of sweet corn each growing season to sell on the roadside.  I was out plucking cobs from the rows and wasn’t watching what I was doing.  I turned to look down the row, and about six inches from my face was a web that was so big it ran from row to row, that’s about four to five feet wide! In it was this monster Orb spider.  Orb spiders are no danger, but it freaked me out so bad I threw the corn bag and ran as fast as I could out of there.  I did not pick corn again, but I did sell it. Bakers dozen…back in those days a baker’s dozen was two bucks… now? An ear of corn is 33 cents each!!!  My how times have changed.

So, I’m trusting mrs spider in the bricks is going to leave me be, and I’m going to leave her be, and at some point she’ll mosey off to some other location.  I’m going to let her stay as a good omen for my creative works and hope that she has a liking for ants, cos LORDY I have more ants than I want.



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