2017 The Planet of the Apes


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14573009_1366158706728550_1044096653422689718_nYou don’t have to type yes if you agree.  When people put that crap into a meme it just makes me want to vomit.  Talk about attempted mind control, sheez!  However, the meme does make a GOOD point.  I won’t get political here, but I will get personal.  I grew up with mind games.  And the present day person in charge of America seems to play this damned game ALL the time.  Occasionally that person speaks with a conscience regarding others, but I’ve put it off to speech writers doing the actual thinking and using their conscience for the purpose of furthering the bullshit.  A narcissist will pick up on all possible valuable content and context of conversation or concerns of the person they want “loyalty” from, and then use that for persuasive reasons.

I watched the original “Planet of the Apes” tonight.  (Actually it took me four nights to watch it in parts).  Tonight I watched the final chapter, or ending of the movie.  Where Charlton Heston is in court, and his advocates are charged with treason against the Ape Culture, and it was like watching the present day congressional and otherwise investigations.  Ape mentality, stuck in its ‘supremism’ rules.  Whatever it says, goes, period.  And if there is ANY conflict of interest that supports the oppressed?  All hell breaks loose with false witnessing, exaggerated claims, and violent punishment.  Poor, Chuck is threatened seriously that he will be lobotomized and castrated, all because he is the underdog and wants to be free, and use his rights to be counted as a living, breathing, life form.  But he has no rights, not anymore, not in the time and place he’s at, because the ruling class has changed from human to Ape.



It was as if Chuck was the average American citizen, and the Ape counsel was the cabinet behind the present day leading Ape.  Scientific Heresy?  Where have I heard this before? We aren’t allowed to believe in God and Science together?  It’s not possible that the “Creator” (in present day real life context) WAS actually USING science to create the planet and the life forms on it? Evolution is very real, but not the entire answer to how we came about.  There is archaeological evidence that informs us that there are many documented realities that we just refuse to suppose can be part of our reality.  They are simply scoffed at and ignored, or taught in colleges as “art history” because of their cuneiform writing and use of glyph imagery to make their point.  That said, religion doesn’t even begin to explain the more complex probability of the actual scientific foundation to our existence, even though it was used by said ‘scientists’ of lower power than that supreme scientist, for the sake of ‘psychological’ evolution or control.

Now, in the end, Chuck and his babe, find that this all comes about from the previous reality having destroyed the Earth and leaving behind only a small portion of the population and the continuing process of evolution extends into the Ape species, while the human species regresses.

The big Ape in office today, does not bring peace of mind, does not offer honesty, does not provide what governing authority requires, which is “stewardship”, or what means to TAKE CARE of all you have authority over, NOT rule it with destructive narcissistic threat against their security.  You don’t piss in the water you use to drink, you don’t shit in your campsite, you don’t keep your trash around your inner quarters but instead dispose of it. These are basic laws of scientific reason AND religious belief (that is Biblical law).


I put this whole mess, the fact that our present day Ape leader, down to evolution, and the fact that every ancient civilization eventually destroyed itself.  Usually through the corruption of power, be it technological or be it authoritarian.  Absolute power DOES corrupt absolutely.   My hope however, is that consciousness IS finally expanding in the population and in the lower powers to overturn the powers that would trade off life of all kinds of forms, for a ‘whole stack of dollars’.


This rant has been dedicated the BIG APES in authority that think their ‘stash of cash’, their ability to buy football teams, Lear jets, and the GREATEST chocolate cake on earth are what is important.  May the Creator humble them all.

I do think its starting.  The humbling.  THANK GOODNESS, because the escalation of hate and greed is quickly leading us to our annihilation.  PLEASE … consciousness…expand in the minds and hearts of those in power that they understand that living peacefully and holistically is what will extend our existence.  Because not everyone can afford a ticket to the space station, or an underground nuclear protected atmosphere to live in.

The beast man…shun him… and none of us will end up pitching a fit on the beach over the remnants of our destroyed civilization.




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