Stop Watch

This is a really busy week for me.  I don’t think I’ll get much done artistically, although I have a plan for a creative effort to share with my granddaughter, Sophie.  I do love her SO very much.  I get to visit with her!! Yay for me!!  It’s going to be HOT, in the 90’s.  Summer has arrived.   I’m in the desert, so it’s going to be time to kick on the A/C, and stay out of the sun.  The sun and me don’t get along.  (Lupus)  I get heat stroke too easily too, so it going to be early hours watering and gardening, and late hours possibly if I find time to work on the metal.  Chores are piling up too, gotta attend to reality before reality gets ahead of me.  I will be the Queen of Siesta!

I promised garden pics.  Here they are, and my cats too.  I have much more I could photograph in the yard, but this is plenty.  Since the last couple of weeks rain, everything has grown twice normal size, so watering is going to be really important.  Jim told me that the plants take up the nutrients in the daylight hours, so to water early in the A.M. is best to help them pull up their food.  I like the early hours, its super quiet until the bird song starts.  Very peaceful.


Baby grapes




The Vine…its a monster..I love it…it shields my porch from the sun.  Afternoon sun here is the worst, it increases heat by ten to fifteen degrees and swelters everything.  So the vine is a real blessing.


Potted plants.  I have strawberries in the ground too, but its a battle against the ants and earwigs to fruits.  I don’t use chemicals in my gardening.


Herbs, several different sages, mints, feverfew, lemon balm, thyme, mother of thyme, hens and chicks (can be used like aloe), 009

Baby stawberries!!


More Vine…lush and thick…it keeps home for many spiders, but they are small and eat bugs, so I’m not going to complain.  When the grapes ripen, I’ll wash the vine with a strong spray and then pick.  I’m HOPING to afford at some to buy a wine making kit.  These are SWEET grapes, they would make awesome wine. 015



and more herbs and flowers.

I don’t water what doesn’t provide shade or food.  The shrub like tree at the end on the left is an apple I pruned back to control.  Every year it would produce fruit that would ripen and fall off the tree and roll all over the sidewalk and the driveway, and I just got tired of chasing rolling apples or stepping on them.


This is Sophie.  I’m looking forward to our visit.  She’s the apple of my eye.  I was the first person to hold her after her birth.  I handed her to the nurse for her checkup and bath.  I was in class at college (illustration) and the Spirit of Love told me: your granddaughter is being born right now, so I just left and got there about 20 minutes before she was born.  It was one of the happiest days I’ve ever experienced.  Watching her grow up is fascinating, she’s much like both her parents and very fun to be around.  She’s a hard case too, you don’t push this kid around, she won’t let you.  LOL.  I love that!

See you soon, be well, be happy.  Peace.



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