8 more and TED

Today I polished 8 more rings.

Four stainless, four antique silverware.

While I polished I listened to NPR on my radio.  I love NPR on Saturdays, there are fun shows and information aside from the constant droning on about what the politicians are doing …again.

But today Laura G., in the following video made some good talking points, so I’m sharing them.  Because if Russia is playing mind games with citizens, citizens need to strengthen their resolve to not buy into the bullshit.

Here’s the video:

You’d think that russia would be more concerned about their OWN country and leave the citizens of America alone.  I never have liked head games, and now, despite russia no longer being communist, I not a fan of their tactics or politic agenda even more.

That’s not to say I’m pleased with the head games of America either.  I’m disgusted with being tracked and followed and nagged with advertisements and interactive advertisements.  Get out of my head marketers and politicians, its really NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what I think, want, hope, or desire, and its really none of your business what tv I might watch or what my favorite foods are.   I’m a starving artist, okay?  I feel particularly blessed and happy if I sell a ring and can afford to buy myself a couple salads at the grocery store instead of stand in line at the food bank.  So back off.

I’ve shut down facebook for this reason, and no longer have subscriptions on Youtube (aside from a few that are harmless, like Simon’s Cat).  I’m nauseated by the “buy buy buy” garbage.  Sweet Jesus, let people be? The drama, the hate, the ambiguity…ugh.

Edit: Second thought: Bill Hicks….marketing

Not to be a pessimist, but I’m becoming more pessimistic about the net and humans daily.  It’s you and me, baby… and I can’t take it anymore…


I tried my first attempt at heating and bending a fork to hold a cabochon.  It was going well, and I found out its a kewl thing to try out, but, I took it too far and the tine broke off.  However, I am not discouraged and will try again in the near future.  I just have to get a good stock built up of rings first and that means making MANY of them for all sizes of possible fingers in need of ornamentation.  I used to want to paint and sell paintings, but doing portraits and making works of painted nature take far too long in time and effort to be profitable, so painting is  now a personal pleasure.  People never want to pay fair price for paintings (even if they are very well done) unless you are famous, and then you could paint a single blue line down a white canvas and make millions on it.  Paintings are not something I feel will put a few bucks in my pocket and fill the gas tank to get me to physical therapy.  Rings, or jewelry, however might pull that off, and they are so portable.  I can put them in my hefty purse and take them with me and share them anywhere I might be, even if no sale ensues, I get to share showing them off with someone and enjoy dialog about their great-grandmother’s silverware, or something of that nature.  So they are a nice social ice breaker too, because God knows, you certainly do NOT want to talk about the state of the nation…!



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