I read you.

Fellow bloggers, I read you.

I don’t comment often though.  I’m not very hip to how blogging works.  For me it’s a way to sort of socialize, to be alive in the cyber world, in the world, and prove it by written word and shared links.   I am a loner.  I like being alone because I can pretend in my little world that things are groovy.

But, I read you.

I read about the struggles you endure.  I read about your sensitivities.  I read about your failures and your successes and I look, best I can, through your eyes, because you share them with me.  Thank you. Thank you for being you.  For standing up and telling it like it is.  For crying if you need to.  For using your creativity as you are inspired to do.  For being poets and writers and artists of all kinds of expression.  You give me hope.

I read you and I don’t feel alone.  I feel comradery.  I feel like I am standing with you for your cause.  I’m so glad you are there reaching out with your hearts and minds, with your souls and spirits to just get a point out there that might improve or help the life of another.

So many of you endure and fight the good fight.  I will survive! I will overcome!  I will stand! I will share so that others can google a word … hoping…for some insight out of the blue to shift consciousness just enough to lift a life up out of a bog of sorrow.

I’ve lived a very hard reality over a long period of time.  I’ve got my damages, I’ve got my scars, and I’m in this place now where I really would just as soon let the past go now…finally…finally…I can stop performing for approval and love and just love myself. But trust me, beloved bloggers, I can relate to much of what you speak from your core.  And, I admire you, appreciate you, and look forward to watching the growth of the love in you.




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. Multi-media Artist.
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