Break the cycle.

I’m done with metal for a while.  I’ve got 47 more spoons cut, five more hammered, and I’m taking a break.  I need to work on something else for a change.  So, I’m making barrettes, covering them with felt, making leaves, and then sewing on crocheted flowers.  They should be very sweet.

After that I’m going to wood.  I did several cuts for dream catcher style pieces that have been sitting in my storage room for months now.  So I’ll be sanding them up, then do some wood burning on them, maybe even some staining and painting.

I woke up at 2 a.m. with my subconscious telling me that I was not going to get to go back to sleep and that I needed to make a change in my environment.  So, I moved my desk out of my living room into a smaller location, and moved my exercise bike into the living room so I can use it while I watch a movie under the chilling breeze of the a/c.  I never use it in the space it was in, and I’m tired of the constant mess on my desk being part of the living room space.  Now I’ll go to the computer when it’s a purposeful endeavor instead of having it be a prominent location in living space.

From bucks I made selling rings, I was able to afford to buy the new tubes for my bike.  I have a nice Raleigh Roadmaster with a big fat squishy seat for my derriere.  Because of the shifted tailbone problems and sacrum problems, too hard of a seat will put me in serious pain and nerve anguish, so I spent the big money on the squishy fat bottom seat.  Every time I sit on it, I get “Queen: Fat Bottom Girls” in my head.  😛

My family (my sons families) invited me to Fourth at their home (they will SAFELY do fireworks in the yard with the kids, they keep a hose running at all times and only light them off on cement or dirt), but I’m begging out this year.  Boise does fireworks at the Baseball Field near the fairgrounds and they can see them all from their porch.  I just don’t like driving at night, especially in crowded traffic.  These old eyeballs don’t see so well at night anymore.  Besides it will just be HOT…in the hundreds until very late hours, and my cats freak out on the firecrackers the neighbors shoot off, so I’ll comfort them through it all.  This year Idaho is not allowing airborne fireworks, and I don’t blame them.  I hope nobody breaks the rules and starts a fire.  We cannot afford fires, we have plenty already.  I get really angry with people that don’t respect the lands and the forests.  If you must burn your own house down, that’s your problem, but leave mother nature alone.  Independence Day is great, but it ends up being dependence more than not on fire-fighters and emergency crews, which are underfunded and costly, not to mention we have lost lives in fires many times over.

I have to tip my hat to emergency crews and fire-fighters.  When they stop traffic at the cross roads for donations, I give.  I don’t care how broke I am, I give what I can.  These are brave people doing good things, they deserve whatever I can give.  The citizens that take them for granted need to re-evaluate their attitudes.  There is members of the government that need to do the same when it comes to disasters and their decisions to support corporations that risk the lives of people for monetary profit, when it’s the emergency responders that bail the out of trouble for their failure to keep safety laws.

Perhaps I’ll go pick up a watermelon for my own private celebration of my own freedom.  And for the wonderful cooling and refreshing quality of the fruit.  I remember the old days, when watermelon had SO many seeds, and how it was fun to be able to sit there in a mess of juice dripping down your face and on your clothing, spitting seeds into the yard.  I always did enjoy a good BBQ.  Roasted corn on the cob…mmm mmm….. cold macaroni salad, and back then I’d have a couple hot dogs loaded with mustard and relish, or a burger.  Nowadays, no more red meat, no more hot dogs, except on occasion when its just been TOOOOO long since I had one.

Take care to have a safe holiday weekend, remember to be cautious with fireworks.  And give thanks for those emergency folks out there.  And if you pray, do so, or just good vibe the nations for no fires, cos it’s brittle hot and dry out there and those lovely green trees, they make our fresh air for us.





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