a prayer

Heavenly Father, Yahweh, My Creator,

I watch what is happening in this nation, and those that hold power and make decisions that regard the stewardship of the country, and I get angry.  I get angry not because the majority of them are greedy assholes, because for the most part that is the downfall reality of human nature.  I get angry, because they tout their faith, they proclaim knowledge and wisdom of YOU while at the same time being hypocrites to your laws and your Spirit.

My soul is devoted to you, Father.  To you my Creator, and while I fall short of being perfect, you don’t hold it against me, but these so called leaders that assume to speak and act in accordance with your laws and Spirit hold it against me.  They hold it against others that are part of your creation, that even though they are sinners, they are yet still your children.  They are still, if believers, under the blood of Yeshua, the savior you promised to be and become.  YOU are sovereign, but these leaders assume they are speaking on your behalf and making decisions to punish your creation.  They opt to hold the value of life, human, animal, or plant, or planet, based on money alone.  They are corrupt beings and they spout and spew discourse from pulpits of precedences vomited out from evangelical preachers.  They are not representing you.  They are mocking you.

I have always been loved and cared for by you, my Creator.  You have proven to me, shown me, and provided for me out of no glory earned by me, but out of glory of the reality of your being and your love.  I would trade no human relationship at all for the relationship I have with you.  I offer no allegiance to any leader of human form and stand in my devotion to you.  I will die, if necessary, in that devotion because you have always proven to me the reality of your presence in your voice through the many means and forms of life that are of the creation on Earth.  I have NO doubt of you, and that the glory of all that is good is yours and  yours alone.

I ask, Father, that you hold these liars accountable for their hypocrisy.  I ask that you judge them and put their feet to the fire.  I ask that you show the world just how powerful you are and stop them all from their corruption of your laws and love.  They profess to worship you, but only call you God, or god, but not by name, and if they did by name they would yet continue in their hypocrisy while bowing their heads to idolatry to money and fame.  Father, bend their knees to the King of Kings.  Bend their knees before the Christ, before the laws of love, before the Holy Spirit.  Judge them and show the people of your creation WHO you are.  Show your glory, Father, by cleansing this nation of the lies and deceptions, the greed and the destruction of your creation.  Bring them to their knees in repentance.


If it is your will.



I am not a christian of the make and model that most of society accepts to be the norm.  My King, my Creator, the Holy Spirit to me are not meant for lip service.  I take my devotion seriously and privately.  No pulpit-master leads my walk.  Yahweh leads my walk.  I have learned through a wide variety of God’s word(s) and more supernatural experiences than you can imagine to have come to where I am.  I am not a prophet, or royalty, or chosen.  I am a disabled poor aging woman, but I know the reality of my life experiences and no human EVER has compared in ability of care and love to what my Creator has provided me.  I know my Father in Heaven, and call NO human by the title father, ever.  Yeshua is my savior.  I believe far deeper, far more intensely and more openly that the mainstream provides.  I have walked in the Spirit world, and will continue to do so, independent of the opinions of humans about who and what God is. My walk began early in my life.  I did not go to church.  I did not go to religious meetings or schools.  I have shared faith with others, but at every encounter have found, again and again, the hypocrisy always there.  I listen to the Word, I listen, I meditate, and I let the Spirit of Love, the Holy Spirit teach me, and I know, as I judge others, I will be judged in like measure.  I am not afraid to judge.  I have enough wisdom to know what deserves to be accounted for, and what does not.  I am sick of the hate that is exercised against Christ Jesus because of liars and idolaters that profess faith but submit to their lusts over submitting their souls to way of the laws and the Creator.  Yes, people are sinners, yet, sinners are meant to USE the Spirit of Love in their hearts to overcome the temptations of the world and the flesh.  No, I am not perfect, and no I do not expect perfection from my fellow believers, but when they stand in a position of power and authority, meant to be STEWARDS over those in their care and they abuse them, its time to pray for accountability.  I have seen enough in this administration that my voice cannot be withheld anymore.  It’s time to clean house.  It’s time to get the marketers and money changers OUT of the Temple that is the Earth, the nation, as part of the Creation.  Its time to see respect for life return, to heal the wounded, and to mature in faith beyond the tithe and the leadership of another over our souls and spirits.

If you can’t take my reality, then you are welcome to turn your head and reject my thoughts and feelings.  You are welcome to reject me as you desire.  It will not offend me, and if it did, it wouldn’t matter, because I would be responsible for how I feel, not you.

I do want peace and love to be the governing powers on this planet.  And I am FED UP with the lying churches, the lying leaders, and the diseased souls that hold the power.  The glory does not belong to men or women with money, or real estate, or golf courses, or power positions over countries.  The GLORY belongs to the Creator, alone.


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