Go ahead…cry

Everyday you are at the job, smiling, chatting with customers, doing the stock work, doing the job as is necessary.  Everyday, you are there for others, so today, sweet, when you face bad news and grief, you don’t have to suck it up.  You are allowed to cry if you need to, it relieves the stress of the circumstances, and your customers, who see you all the time being there for them, will be there for you.  So go ahead, and cry if you need to.

Sadness is not misery.  Misery loves company and complaint, but sadness is something that takes over in the most inconvenient of times.  I’m not an advocate for the ‘suck it up buttercup’ theory when it comes to sadness.  I believe you should be free to feel your feelings, voice them, and accept comfort from strangers in moments of compassion.  Those that find it unprofessional to have feelings are denying their humanity.  So you go ahead and feel your way through the sadness, and take the love that others will give you while you go through it.

When it comes to misery and complaint (which I have been guilty of) it is my belief that its good to practice cowboying-up through it, because misery is something everyone must endure and it requires toughing it out.   Much of misery is your own attitude, your own stubbornness that things should be the way you want them to be.

Sadness however, is loss of love.  Its absence of the ability to change anything and the knowing that you have to let it be as it is and that in the end you lose something meaningful from human relationships with others.

Cry, if you need to darlin’, don’t stuff your feelings.  They are going to surface with more upset if you try to stuff them.  Let them out in their spurts and sputters, and they’ll ease up on you in time.

And a good human will be patient while you go through what you must, with empathy and compassion.

You’re in my heart and so is your dad, and my heart holds the hope of resolution and peace and love for you both.



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